24 VOLT ac/dc TO 12 VOLT dc MODULE PART No. ACR11

24v to 12v conv (11)The 24v ac/dc to 12v dc converter is designed to provide a regulated 12 volt dc supply from a 24 volt ac or dc supply.

Applications include the connection of 12 volt dc devices to gate systems which only have 24 volt supply output on board.

Security engineers frequently connect these units to a spare intruder alarm transformer (usually between  14.5 and 19 volts out) to provide an inexpensive 12 volt dc supply.

There are many other uses too. These modules are solidly built and tested to a high standard in the UK by STS. Three adhesive-backed mounting feet included.

  • Note:   These modules have ID No. 11 bottom right to differentiate them from other similar looking STS modules.


Max designed voltage in:     30 volts ac or dc

Min designed voltage in:      14.5 volts ac or 16 volts dc

Max continuous current:     100mA

Max intermittent current:    150mA

Voltage out:       12 volts nominal (set to 12.9 volts)

Dimensions:          59mm x 51mm x 24mm

£9.66 24 VOLT ac/dc TO 12 VOLT dc MODULE PART No. ACR11